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coordinator for international


From 2019 to 2020 I spent nine months in northern Japan. I was hired by the Town of Takko-machi in the Aomori prefecture. I was assigned the role of Coordinator for International Relations (CIR). During my position, I used my graphic design skills to enhance my duties and position as CIR.


I mostly used InDesign and Photoshop throughout my time in Japan. Since I was teaching English part-time I created my own curriculum. in doing so, I handcrafted my own worksheets that were designed to elevate the English learning experience, as well as the American cultural experience.   


I also spent a great amount of time re-designing the CIR's Facebook page. During that time I researched methods on social media strategy. I began split testing posts and analyzing the conversation rate from the audience that was previously built up by past CIR's. I found out that most of my target audience was parents in their mid 40's and active high school students. I began to strategize my post to please that target audience. 


takko machi welcome guide

Another great project I was apart of during my time in Japan, was the re-design of 


The last English tourism brochure they had was from 1991, so there was plenty of updating to do. 

I started my research by asking my co-workers (using badly translated Japanese) about their favorite characteristics of Takko-machi. With the so many answers I received, I decided to focus on the most unique elements of Takko-machi to connect the brochure with the tourist. 

I started this project when it was given to me in January 2020. It was set to be released in June, but unfortunately, I was forced to resign in May in the overwhelming panic of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The brochure was never finished, but I am still very proud of the work I presented. 

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