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Since 2020 I have assigned the role of Creative Director for Backroom Records. Backroom Records is a newly created music collation aimed at finding and promoting fresh, start-up musicians in the electronic dance genre. Based out in San Deigo, Backroom quickly ascended in the community through their outreach in the local club scene. Stemming from Backroom Collective, Backroom Records is dedicated to giving the proper resources to the new artist and exposing them on a purely professional level. All members of Backroom Records have years of handing building their own successful brands which makes them the go-to professionals on establishing a legitimate electronic music career.


As their Creative Director, I've been giving the confounding experience to create the physical image of Backroom Records. From imagining the course of action of media releases to connecting with the musicians on an exclusive level to bring their vision to life.


My regular duties at Backroom Records include:

  • Creating promotional media

  • Developing or assisting in all cover art

  • Creating and developing animation media

  • Manage the creative process from concept to completion

  • Translate marketing objectives into clear creative strategies

  • Lead and direct the creative team in the production of all marketing collateral

  • Ensure visual communication and brand standards are met

  • Meet with clients or upper management to explain campaign strategies and solutions

  • Review work, troubleshoot, and provide feedback to creative teams




For the first release, I wanted to have the cover art give the listener some detail about the song. I also wanted the cover art to match the overall tone of the track. Dialyup did an amazing job creating this joyful pop record. To emphasize that I played with colors that would shout at the listener. These colors actually ended up taking too much attention from the overall composition. To fix this, I made the background a sunset hue to add a sense of calm. 


The team also talked about having a center icon in each cover art to link with the overall theme of the track. Since the record was called "Set Me Free". I thought it was only appropriate to use a breaking chain. I then used a distort filter to amplify the icon. With doing this, I also played with the hue and saturation of the chain to gain this glitched effect which came out beautifully.


The media shown to the left is the content rollout we did for Dialyup's "Set Me Free" single release.  


Cover Art Animation for Post


Social Media Banner

Instagram Story Promo Animation