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Backroom Collective

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


With my relations in the DJ community, I was fortunate to watch the creation of Backroom Collective. Backroom is a San Diego based DJ collective which prides itself in creating high quality events and livestreams. I was approached by Backroom in 2018 to assist the collective in creating merchandise and other branding content.

Backroom Official T-Shirt

One of the projects that I worked on with Backroom Collective was their first release of the official backroom t-shirt. For this design I used their custom logo to create a simple template to illustrate the outcome of the design. Adding a clean text at the bottom to encompass the collectives name.

Backroom was very happy with the end result. These shirts became a very popular in their community and I was approached again to begin work on other concepts.

Backroom "Concepts" 2019 [UNRELEASED]

The members of Backroom reached out to me again in the fall of 2018 to start designing new concepts for their social media rebrand. As I went forward with the new concepts, I added my new found algorithm "glitch" style. Using this new method I unveiled the groups new media concepts for the upcoming year.

Its my personal mission to get a better understanding of my clients objective and purpose. Working with Backroom Collective has made me understand the importance of that personal goal. I will continue to happily assist the San Diego based collective because of their shown professionalism and their mission to give young upcoming artist the tools and resources to accomplish their dreams.

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