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Brightsnap - A Photo Booth Company

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


In 2019 I was offered my first job working as a freelance designer. The company was a startup photobooth company in the silicon valley called "Brightsnap". I was hired on to create the companies logo and a temporary web face. Being my first freelance gig, I found this as a great way to receive experience working in the event services sector.

laying out the concrete.

I caught Brightsnap's attention by my past work of designing graphics for my college fraternity. I sat down with the Brightsnap team and they told me their vision. Their goal was to take the event photo booth experience to a new level. The Brightsnap team had previous experience with the photo booth realm, and after years of seeing just how many problems can occur with clunky, older booths, they set out to re-invent the event experience. They also wanted to appeal to the younger audience as well.

After sitting down with the Brightsnap team I create three different logos. Each logo has a certain degree of playfulness. With option 3C being the most playful I wanted to gauge the client's playful to business ratio. As for the color concept, I wanted to make it simple. I went for a Kodak color play to influence the idea of two contrasting colors. These colors would later be changed to embody the companies appeal to a younger and modern audience. Using free domain fonts, I played with three different types of fonts. The client wanted me to play with a lot of script handwritten fonts. They believed this would reach their main audience which were mostly female. I then decided to place a more minimalist font. A basic tight bold futura font. I believed this would play well with their young audiences.

finishing touches

I went back to them with the layout and they believed it was perfect for them. The client then wanted a signature that would be minimal but fun. He referenced a Virgin Airlines advertisement and asked me if I could recreate a more youthful and playful look. I used the shape tool and added five long cylindrical rectangles to the graphic to indicate a snapshot or a flash. The clients were very happy with this addition and decided that the logo was perfect.

a brief sum up

I was very pleased with my freelance experience. I know those words are hard to come by with most freelance creatives. Brightsnap was very cooperative with their creation process and was very clear on what type of product they desired. I had a great experience working for Brightsnap. I hope to learn more from different clients during my freelance period.

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