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Greetings and salutations, my name is Ryan Todashi Kuwada, and since 2011 I have dedicated my life to the digital arts. I grew up in farm town USA which can be also known as Gilroy, California. When I entered my first digital art class in high school my teacher walked in, said nothing, and placed a Coca-Cola logo on the projector. Very confused, he stated that this logo is the most popular illustration on the planet. He continued that someone created this illustration long ago, and it will continue to outlive its creator. As my attention sprung, he said maybe one of you will create something that will outlive yourself.


Since that day I have become obsessed with Adobe Creative Suite. From Photoshop to Premier, I have become fully fascinated with the unlimited potential these applications have. My goal is to decorate the world however I can with these applications. I've been blessed to be able to use my talents to support many companies and organizations. I have created content for a local Japanese city government. To creating album covers for newly released singles for a record company. 


I am currently based in beautiful Sacramento, California. At this stage, I am searching for employment opportunities in graphic design or any related field. I am passionate about creativity and the element of design. I am always in pursuit of learning and working hard to achieve my goals.


I love morning coffee and drives at golden hour. In my spare time, I search for recipes for my air-fryer and going to the movie theater (pre-pandemic).  


My name is Ryan Kuwada and it's very nice to meet you.      

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